About Nelly

nellyNelly is  our Presidential (Not So) Secret Service Agent. If I were talking to you on the street she will get in between us to make sure you don’t get so close (while leaning against me pushing me backwards). She loves her family and always wants to see them safe.

Nelly came to live with us in 2012 when her first family could no longer keep her. She is Molly’s litter mate (one of 9 siblings born in that litter!). She started out as a foster then in a matter of days became family. Some days she wonders why she’s being punished by living with Molly. She loves her sister and is quite bonded with her. But even this gentle giant has her limits.

Her favorite thing to do is chase squirrels. She’s done such a good job of it that our bird feeders are now safe from squirrels. If you have a squirrel problem she’d love to come help you with it (or show your dog how to do it properly). When not chasing squirrels she loves to nap (this is why my dad was her favorite – he loved to take his naps and they napped together often). It’s mandatory that she have a pillow to lay her head on. Life is all about being comfortable.

She loves to try out new dog cookie recipes. She hopes that one day we can start a gourmet dog cookie company in order to fund Molly’s charity. She already claimed the job of cookie tester (her sister is not happy about that).